How Long Does It Take To See Benefits With Red Light Therapy?

Some things in life take patience and dedication. This ranges from losing weight, to mastering a new skill. Perfection right from the start, is hardly attainable. While not seeing perfection or results right away might lead to discouragement, usually at the end of the challenge comes the reward. This is particularly true in our current era of immediate gratification, while most people demand things immediately, it is often the consistent, long-term execution that delivers the best results.

It's safe to say that this goes for red light therapy as well. You likely won't redeem the amazing, hundreds of scientifically proven benefits after just 1 or 2 treatments. This might discourage some or lead to people slacking off from treatments. Some, might even quit them altogether. For this reason, we try to lay out these facts from day one. To encourage the process rather than the destination. Because, you will get there anyways with consistent use.

While some doctors suggest it can take up to 6 months to see results from red light therapy, the majority of #KalaFamily clients see results within 4-6 weeks. Much like weightlifting, dieting or other health and wellness divisions, your body and it's cells need time to adjust, strengthen and improve. 

The Kala Team suggests you go easy on your cells: it's a gradual process to feeling, looking and performing your best.

While some see results faster, each individual is different and responds to treatments in their own way. Eventually, with consistent use, the changes and benefits will come and you can start to see why thousands of #KalaFamily members use their Kala devices every single day.

Such as most things in life, consistency is key. To see results, we suggest 3-5 treatments per week. You can find more on specific treatment guidelines with our detailed user manual and use cases here.

We realize how busy life can get. From making dinner, cleaning the house, doing laundry, driving the children around for school and so much more, the list of things to do in a day can feel endless. Not even considering how busy work can get. We realize the challenge in incorporating red light therapy in your daily life.

Yet, there is no greater reward than being disciplined and seeing the labour pay off. Using your Kala Red Light every day will bring all the benefits of red light therapy to your life.

Kala Red Light Therapy has been proven to improve: 

  • Skin-health (acne, wrinkles, scarring)
  • Weight Loss (body contouring)
  • Recovery
  • Increase Energy
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Psoriasis & Eczema
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Libido Boost
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Hair Growth

...and so much more.

With consistent use, whether it takes you a few days, weeks, or even months to see results, they will surely come.

Steps to stay consistent!
If you’ll allow us to revisit the gym metaphor, you will likely be complimented on your body before you even see or realize the results. Or perhaps you are having trouble fitting into your clothes.

The Kala Team suggests that you keep a log of your progress. Monitor each session and how you feel. Take before and after photos and really examine how the red light therapy is improving the aspects of your life that you are seeking improvements in. 

For more deep penetration issues such as chronic pain or sleep disturbances, you might consider keeping a daily journal near your bed in which you record how you feel after each treatment or after each day. This may reveal subtle changes in your bodies progress that you were unaware of, help encourage further use, and promote optimized sessions.

So, you used Kala red light for a few months and absolutely love it.
Your pain is gone, your back and knees feel how they did when you were in your 20's; your eyesight has improved; your skin is clear, wrinkle free and younger looking: so now what should you do?

We suggest keep on rocking in the light world. You can tone your sessions down to 3x a week and keep on shining!

We don’t recommend stopping treatment, unless your issue is completely resolved! An example can be with a slow healing wound. If the wound has completely healed, the scarring has vanished, and you are feeling back to 100%, then sure! You can always taper down your sessions to 2-3x a week or whatever you feel is best for your body. Refer to your daily journal for how your feeling and how you are getting back to being your best self.

The bottom line

If you do not see results from the Kala Red Light after a few sessions, don't sweat it! Give your body time to acclimate to the new therapy sessions. While this may be easier said than done, set goals for daily usage and try your best to follow them. Keep in mind the results you are seeking and your journey to feeling your best, looking your best and performing your best. Consistency is key. Kala Red Lights offer the highest quality of red light therapy in Canada. The innovative setting features and high quality LED's provide the most therapeutic red light wavelengths available. You will see all the benefits of red light therapy with the consistent use of our medical-grade, quality devices.

If you don't know which device is best for you, please feel free to contact us anytime with our 24/7 customer support on our KalaChat or by email at

The path to health and wellness is a long one, but with a Kala Red Light, you are on the right journey.

Light it up!