Kala Infrared Sauna

Kala Infrared Sauna

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Kala Infrared Sauna

Kala Infrared Sauna

America’s #1 Two Seater Infrared Sauna

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Quality Matters
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  • Bring the spa home with North America's highest quality, Infrared medical-grade two seater infrared sauna
  • Premium Canadian red cedar wood, non-toxic glue and designed with optimal heater placement to ensure the perfect session
  • Energy-saving design packed with features such as touch digital display, adjustable light temperatures and lifetime warranty all while ensuring ultra low EMF levels.
Free Shipping for Canada & USA

Core Features

  • High Power Infrared Sauna
  • 3 Infrared Heating Elements
  • Energy-saving Design
  • Durable Tempered Glass
  • Digital Display with Smart Tablet
  • Premium Canadian Red Cedar Wood
  • Optimal Infrared Heater Placement
  • Ultra Low EMF
  • Extras Added

  • Free Shipping Canada and USA wide
  • Warranty
  • 3rd-Party Certified
  • FDA Registered CLASS II Medical Device
  • What’s Included

  • Digital Smart Tablet
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Surround Speakers
  • 7 Luxury Nano Ceiling Lights
  • USB Radio
  • Control Panel
  • Reading Lamp
  • Tech Specs

  • Infrared Wavelength: 0.75~1000UM(750~10000000nm)
  • Infrared Panel Quantity: 3 Units
  • Electrical power required: 120 V 60 Hz/20 A
  • Wattage: 1750 Watts
  • Outer dimensions: 47” (L) x 41” (W) x 75” (H)
  • Door dimensions: 22.8” (W) x 68” (H)
  • Load capacity: 2 Person
  • Load weight capacity: 470 lb
  • Number of heaters: 7
  • Min. temperature: 17 °C
  • Max. temperature: 67°C
  • Door dimensions: 21” (W) x 62” (H)
  • One bench
  • CETL certified
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Treatment Guidelines

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    Ultra Low EMF
    High Quality Red Cedar
    Non-Toxic Glue
    FDA Approved
    Optimal Heater Placement

    The Kala Difference

    Bring Kala’s healing infrared into your wellness rhythm, and experience the benefits of the most effective, highest quality infrared available. Having an infrared sauna in your home gives you easy access to a foundational wellness tool you'll love.

    Designed with every detail in mind, The Kala Infrared saunas are built from strong, natural Canadian red cedar and are the result of scientific studies and commitment to excellence to give you a place of hope, health and happiness.

    How Does a Kala infrared Saunas Heal your Body?


    Clearer Skin

    Sleep Better

    Calorie Burn


    Reduce Stress

    In a League of its Own

    Kala Light Therapy


    55% more effective

    vs. previous gen.

    Average Competitor

    Power Density
    Penetration Depth
    Treatment Time


    Power Density
    Penetration Depth
    Treatment Time

    Bring the Spa Home with The Perfect Session Everytime: 

    Saunas are sanctuaries. The Kala Infrared Sauna brings the luxury, relaxation and health benefits of a spa into the comfort of your own home. Some of the various health benefits include detoxification, muscle recovery, improved circulation, reduced pain and inflammation, strengthened immunity, and boosted mood!

    No Device is Safer

    Our Saunas are official FDA Class II Medical Devices and manufactured in our FDA registered facility as well as ETL/UL certified for electrical safety assurance.

    Industry Leading Quality

    North Americas #1 Infrared sauna that delivers the most advanced infrared heaters with low EMF to ensure maximize benefits and improve overall health. 

    Control Your Narrative 

    The Kala Infrared Sauna includes a high-end tablet that allows for Bluetooth pairing and dynamic surround sound speaks let you connect to your platforms to listen to your favourite music or podcast

    Shipping Information

    The order will ship FREE from our main warehouse in Toronto, Canada. Under normal circumstances it will take up to 10 to 15 business days for the order to get to you based on where you are located and how accessible the location is. This product is packed in four cotton boxes and one wood crate.   Cotton Boxes:  Shipping dimension: 70.5” x 49.6” 6.7” (L X W X H) Shipping dimension: 70.5” x 42” 5.5” (L X W X H) Shipping dimension: 50” x 49.6” 7.8” (L X W X H) Shipping dimension: 45” x 18.5” 4” (L X W X H) Wood Crate: Shipping dimension: 79” x 51” 23.6” (L X W H)

    Join the Kala Family

    Loved By 5,000+ Ecstatic Kala Customers

    Verified Buyer

    Jeanni N.

    "Infrared saunas can quickly help you get back to feeling amazing. Sauna therapy has been around for centuries to detoxify, but infrared saunas go even further, heating up your body’s core at a cellular level, where most toxins are stored."

    Verified Buyer

    Paul G.

    "When I purchased my Kala Infrared Sauna I was nervous if I'd use it enough to justify the investment. Years later, I still happily use my sauna weekly, as does my family. It's snuggly and relaxing. I get a healthy sweat in the convenience of my own home. I love having a home sauna. I know I'm investing in my short and long-term health each time I use it."

    Verified Buyer

    Erin S.

    "The more I’ve researched saunas, the more I’ve realized that not all infrared saunas are created the same. I’m a lover of research, case studies, and facts, which is one reason I like Kala. Their products are based on extensive research combined with personal experience."

    Product Certificate For Kala Light Therapy

    Independently Certified

    All Kala devices are designed and manufactured under world-class quality management systems and conform to the safety standards listed below. No other home light therapy device is safer.

    Certified Number:
    FDA number is 3016171836FCC

    Report No.: LST181168080FRCE
    Report No.:LST181168080ERRoHS
    Report No.: LST181168080RR

    Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

    No device is safer! All Kala devices devices go through extensive testing and quality assurance. Kala devices are FDA certified and adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

    Protective eyewear are not mandatory. In fact, red and infrared light has been proven to be very healthy for an array of eye conditions. Users who suffer from sensitivity to light can use the Kala Goggles to ensure comfort.

    All devices come with a detailed user manual. You can also refer to our treatment guidelines page in the footer for a comprehensive overview of how to use each device.

    Red light is 660nm and infrared light is 850nm. This means that the red light will provide healing benefits on a surface level while infrared will penetrate deeper into the skin.

    We pride ourselves on customer support. Please email kala@kalaredlight.com or refer to our Contact Us page to get in touch with us!

    The Kala Guarantee provides 30-day risk-free trials for users. Please refer to each specific page to ensure you are covered under this policy. Please refer to our Duties, Policies & terms of service page in the footer for more information.