Pulsed LED Light Therapy: Does it work?

Kala Therapy's research & development team has been working hard to develop the perfect "Pulse Mode". This article explains what this mode is, how it works, and why it's a game changer in the fitness and recovery space. 

What is Pulsed Led Light Therapy?

Pulse Mode is a setting on Kala Therapy's panels that's focus is to optimize the human body's natural recovery, healing, and regeneration processes. When you use a Kala device, you have the flexibiltity to choose wavelengths of red light, near infrared (NIR) light, or a combination of both. Kala Therapy also has an option to set your session on pulse mode, which delivers pulsed waves or Red Light or NIR light. "Pulsed" essentially means that the delivery of the light is rapidly turning off and on through cycles at different frequencies. 

Benefits of using Pulse mode?

Kala Therapy's Pulse Mode is designed to enhance the body's recovery process after exercise or injury. It's also clinically proven to be an effective way to support the body's natural inflammation process.

Kala Therapy's Pulse Mode has been developed on the basis of progressive science that has proven the positive effects of pulsed LED Light Therapy on the body's cellular function. Research by Javad T. Hashmi, MD indicates that a brief, "Quench Period" (Pulse OFF times) can make light therapy more effective as it allows muscles to cool off and penetrate deep tissues which achieve greater treatment depths. 

To get a better understanding of why pulsed LED Light Therapy is effective think about your body when you exercise. If you do multiple workout daily and don't take time to rest and recover, the odds of you getting worn down and ultimately suffering from an injury is much higher. This is because you are not letting your body and precious cells the time they need to recover and regenerate. The same synergies apply to pulsed LED Light Therapy: the short "Quench Period" between wavelengths allows for your cells and tissues the time they need to digest, adapt and respond better to the next interlude of Light!   

The Worlds Most Advanced Pulse Mode: Kala Therapy 

Kala Therapy strongly believes that our pulse mode is the future of athletic  recovery and performance. Our technology is used by various NHL, NBA and NFL players, many who have installed the Kala Quad in their facilities so athletes can optimize their recovery process after training and games. 

What's the Difference Between Standard & Pulsed Light Therapy?

Kala Therapy's Red light is delivered in the mid-600 nm range, NIR light is delivered in the mid-800 range. These wavelengths have been proven by hundreds of clinical trials to be most beneficial to human health. Typically, Red Light is most effective for surface area benefits like skin health. Where as NIR Light penetrates the human body much deeper which is effective for tissue, bone joint and even neuro health concerns.  At Kala Therapy, we spent the time researching and developing the most advanced devices in the world so you can customize the perfect session for your use! 



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