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Kala Pro Goggles

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Kala Pro Goggles

Kala Pro Goggles

Blackout Goggles

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  • Suitable for intense pulsed light and red light therapy
  • Designed for those with sensitivity to light.
  • Complete blackout goggles made by an extra soft and comfortable silicone design.
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Jeanni N.

"Infrared saunas can quickly help you get back to feeling amazing. Sauna therapy has been around for centuries to detoxify, but infrared saunas go even further, heating up your body’s core at a cellular level, where most toxins are stored."

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Paul G.

"When I purchased my Kala Infrared Sauna I was nervous if I'd use it enough to justify the investment. Years later, I still happily use my sauna weekly, as does my family. It's snuggly and relaxing. I get a healthy sweat in the convenience of my own home. I love having a home sauna. I know I'm investing in my short and long-term health each time I use it."

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Erin S.

"The more I’ve researched saunas, the more I’ve realized that not all infrared saunas are created the same. I’m a lover of research, case studies, and facts, which is one reason I like Kala. Their products are based on extensive research combined with personal experience."

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

No device is safer! All Kala devices devices go through extensive testing and quality assurance. Kala devices are FDA certified and adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

Protective eyewear are not mandatory. In fact, red and infrared light has been proven to be very healthy for an array of eye conditions. Users who suffer from sensitivity to light can use the Kala Goggles to ensure comfort.

All devices come with a detailed user manual. You can also refer to our treatment guidelines page in the footer for a comprehensive overview of how to use each device.

Red light is 660nm and infrared light is 850nm. This means that the red light will provide healing benefits on a surface level while infrared will penetrate deeper into the skin.

We pride ourselves on customer support. Please email kala@kalaredlight.com or refer to our Contact Us page to get in touch with us!

The Kala Guarantee provides 30-day risk-free trials for users. Please refer to each specific page to ensure you are covered under this policy. Please refer to our Duties, Policies & terms of service page in the footer for more information.